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Lucky Girl Blog - Overdue
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Lucky Girl Blog - Overdue


Putting the cap on my Lucky Guy experience is long overdue. Maybe I’ve been avoiding this post, not wanting it to “end”... but the fact that the show closed July 3rd is sort of indisputable. Rest assured, the Lucky Girl Blog will continue, as I am in fact a lucky girl, and confining my meanderings to a singular experience would be extremely short sighted. Not to mention potentially depressing…


The Season Three Girls wrap party was last night, and I ran into Rita Wilson, la de dah! La de dah aside, my reaction to laying eyes on the Mrs. Tom Hanks (an extraordinary actor/singer/producer in her own right) was surprising. I threw my arms around poor Rita and squeezed. If she were Chester the cat, she would have made that sound that says, “Too tight…I can’t breathe”.


We first met after a preview performance of Lucky Guy. I was already in love with her husband (who isn't), and by extension her, but the encounters that followed cemented her own place in my heart. She’s generous, kind, joyful and otherwise delightful. Rita worship aside, seeing that face immediately brought to mind the entire charmed experience of LG, and I wanted to hold onto her too tight and too long.  Like I was trying to squeeze another moment of bliss from the corners of her association.


Working on Girls was a dream come true, and a direct result of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner having seen LG. I just got back from performing my own piece, Bird Elephant China at the Chautauqua Theatre Company—another direct result of LG. I wonder: will everything wonderful that happens to me from this moment forward somehow find some connection back to the moment henceforth to be referred to with the initials LG? Maybe so, maybe not, but who cares? I’m just stone cold solid grateful.


Oh yeah, I wrote a play.


Well, I had some help. Kate Rigg came to a performance of (you guessed it) LG, and we began a collaboration that created BEC (apparently I only speak in initials now). Bird Elephant China is the story of my life altering experience with Adult Onset Seizure Disorder (that’s a fancy way of saying I kept having seizures and waking up in hospitals). 

I’ve been trying to write about that experience for a couple of years now, but until Kate showed up, I was spinning my wheels. Together, we were finally able to create a structure that allows the story to emerge (because it’s a complicated tale!), and the response at Chautauqua was overwhelmingly positive. I am now the proud owner of a very personal play that will hopefully help someone, somewhere, somehow.


I don’t know where the play will take me, but I do know it will. Take me. My post LG year now includes fine tuning the script and exploring a variety of venues that will provide a platform for the story to be told, and more importantly, heard. Stay tuned. PS—I hate one-person shows. Go figure. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor.


Peter Scolari (of LG, AND Girls… and yes, Bosom Buddies) went into rehearsal the day after we closed. I walked by the Broadhurst yesterday, and the "Mama Mia" marquee punched me right in the gut (on so many levels).  Anyway, on Peter’s opening night, one of the cast members sent out a “break a leg” email, cc-ing the entire contact sheet, you know, like ya do.


That was two weeks ago, and the string is still going strong. The conversation has morphed from “Happy Opening” into an on going free-associative about anything and everything, sprinkled with some good old fashioned trash talk. It’s like we are back in the Broadhurst blowing the virtual duck whistles at half hour. We all miss each other and the experience. And apparently even though we closed the show, no one wants to close the connection. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone.


I guess I squeezed the air outta poor Rita on behalf of all the disconnected LG-ers, at the expense of her air supply. In the middle of Williamsburg, surrounded by twenty-something hipsters underneath the giant SAVE DOMINO sign. Lucky me. Staying connected in some small way was a moment that seemed not so small. Plus she’s pretty, which never hurts.


And in the interest of extending connection, thank you for reading.  I appreciate it more than a photo with Oprah... and that’s a lot.